NJOY21 Components

This page serves to document the various components that make up NJOY21.

NJOY Modules

The biggest components of NJOY21 are called modules. These modules are those that replicate the functionality of Legacy [1] NJOY modules. Listed below are the modules that have been modernized and updated. The documentation for each is given in their respective locations. If a module is not listed here, please see the documentation for Legacy NJOY.

Resonance reconstruction
Thermal Scattering
Introduction to thermal scattering, LEAPR, and THERMR.

Modern NJOY Components

There are many components that make up NJOY21, or that make up one of it’s modules. These components can be used independently or integrated with others. Listed here are just a few of the components. All of our components can be found on our GitHub page: https://github.com/njoy.

Toolkit for working with ENDF-formatted files.
Toolkit for working with GNDS-formatted files.

Perform resonance reconstruction calculations for these formalisms

  • Single-level Breit-Wigner,
  • Multi-level Breit-Wigner,
  • Reich-Moore,
  • R-Matrix Limited.

resonanceReconstruction can also reconstruct unresolved resonances from the following ENDF formats:

  • Energy-independent (Case A),
  • Energy-independent Fission Widths (Case B),
  • Energy-dependent (Case C).
Library for interpolating one-dimensional data.
[1]Legacy NJOY refers to NJOY2016